Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Philosophy 101

Register through Yoga for Today - $120 for all 6 parts.  

Sat. April 4:  9:30-11:30* Zoom
Fri. June 5: 6:30 - 9:00 pm
Sat., June 6: 2:45-4:45 pm
Sun., June 7: 1-3:00 pm
Sat., Aug. 8: 3-4:30 pm
Sun., Sept. 13: 1:30-3:30 pm

Teacher Training - Apprenticeship

One-on-one mentorship to fulfill part of the Yoga Association of Alberta’s 300-Hour or 500-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program, consisting of:

    • 5 hours of Senior Teacher Meetings/Consultations
    • 5 hours of Supervised Teaching
    • Assignment, curriculum and paperwork review

$400 total, to be scheduled at mutually convenient dates and times.  Payment plan available.  Or $60/hour for private classes, individual mentorship or assessment.  Contact me for more details.  

YAA Teacher Training Program Classes

All teachers and teachers-in-training are welcome to attend these events and are sure to get valuable insights to upgrade their skills. Hours may be counted towards YAA Teacher Training, Equivalency Certification and Recertification requirements as well as Advanced Training Levels.

Register online at https://www.mcssl.com/store/yogaab/teacher-training-program

April 18, 2020 9:30am-3:00pm

Due to physical distancing measures this class will be offered virtually through Zoom, a free download, easy to use on any device with a camera.  See the Classes page for Zoom set up instructions.

Asana: Arm Balances
Theory: Meditation, Samyama (Sutras Pada 3): Dharana / Dhyana/ Mindfulness / Raja Yoga
Pranayama: Anuloma (Alternate Nostril Exhale), Pratiloma (Alternate Nostril Inhale)

May 23, 2020 9:30am-3:00pm

Mtg Room #8, 3rd Floor Percy Page Centre, 11759 Groat Road, Edmonton

Asana: Shoulderstand & Related Inversions
Theory: Mantra & Yantra/Tantra/Visuddha & Ajna Chakras/Jnana Yoga/Jalandhara Bandha (Review all Bandhas)/Cervical Spine Anatomy
Pranayama: Viloma (Against the Grain)/Bhramari (Bee)