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What to Bring?

For Community Classes, please bring a yoga mat and a small blanket. Other props are supplied.
For Rec Centre & studio classes, all required equipment is supplied, although you may bring your own mats & props if desired.

What to Expect?

Each True Bliss Yoga class is different and unique, opening new doorways to spaciousness and freedom. Build strength, release tension, and increase flexibility. Boost metabolism and immunity. Find freedom and clarity and joy. Alignment principles & props create a safe, supportive path for healing, growth and expansion.  On every level, it feels great to do yoga!  Beginners welcome!

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga is a general term that covers all types and styles of yoga that focus primarily on physical postures. Hatha yoga focuses on finding freedom from the restrictions in both the body and the mind so that we may uncover the true nature of that which lies beneath, and come into a state of embodied enlightenment.  Classes are holistic - they exercise the full body, settle the mind, and bring us into awareness of more subtle realms.  My personal style has been drawn from my learning in several lineages, mainly Anusara and Iyengar, and my love of yogic philosophy, and is alignment-based and action-oriented with heart-centered themes.  For more information see ArticlesAbout, and the Links page.

See Calendar Page for drop-in class schedule

Class Schedule

As the health authorities are advising social distancing in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, to flatten the curve for treatment and avoid an exhaustive demand on the health care system, all in-person classes are cancelled until further notice.



I’m pleased to announce that I will be offering virtual classes through Zoom.  Zoom is free for you to download and use and works well on any device with a camera - computer, tablet or phone.   Scroll down for setup instructions.

Morning and evening classes will be available.  See the current Zoom class schedule on the calendar page of the website.  Class size will be limited and more classes can be added as needed.  PM or send me an email at to register and  I'll send you a waiver and instructions.  Only $15/class or $10/class for a bundle of 4 or more.   I want to ensure you are supported, regardless of financial considerations, so let me know if you are having financial difficulties at this time and I'm happy to offer them for free as long as I'm able.  We’ll go as long as we need to in this crisis, and I’ll probably continue some classes right through the summer as long as I have interest!  Looking forward to #deckyoga🌞😎


I have created a pre-recorded restorative class that is geared towards settling down the stress response to support immunity and well-being. To receive the restorative video, message me and I’ll send you the link for downloading. If you’re like me and have lost your source of income for the time being, just let me know and I’ll send the restorative video for free.  If you’re able, a suggested minimum donation of $5 would be greatly appreciated. 


Chair Yoga Classes are available on the YouTube Channel here:  These are perfect for self-isolating seniors so pass the link along and encourage them to stay active!  Also good ways to move when you’re stuck at your desk or in a small space with any chair.


If you’re on social media make sure you’re hooked in for regular support and inspiration.  Like the Facebook page, join the Facebook group, and I’m also on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  Subscribe to the YouTube channel and make sure you hit the notification bell.  If you’re needing more resources, feeling lonely or just looking for interaction, reach out to me anytime!

Zoom Virtual Online Classes

See the Schedule of Zoom classes here.


Zoom is free for you to download and use and works well on any device with a camera - computer, tablet or phone.  You can see me and I can see you!  There are a few bugs to work out and a few glitches happen occasionally but it seems to work quite well.   

  1. Zoom classes are $15 each class or $10 each for a bundle of 4 or more.  Message me to pay through e-transfer or let me know if you need to arrange an alternate method of payment. 
  2. Download Zoom on your computer (go to or the Zoom app on your device (install Zoom Cloud Meetings) that you plan to use.  Any phone, tablet or computer that has a webcam should work.  You will need to allow the app to access your video and microphone.  (Clicking on any meeting link should bring you to that automatically as well.)  You can access the classes without an account but you will need a small download or app on your device that will take a few minutes to load.  If you sign up you can start your own meetings with friends and family, or even just start one by yourself to check your camera, settings, and play with it a bit.  The program is free.
  3. You will need a space to place your yoga mat and your camera set up on the long side of your mat, back far enough that I can see you both standing and sitting, with sufficient light in front of you and no light or windows behind you if possible. If these parameters aren’t possible, just do your best.  Find something you can use as props as well - pillows, books, step stool, cloth belt, etc.
  4. Click the meeting link (or copy and paste into your browser) at the meeting time.  The app should start up automatically. Or, from the home page of the app, enter the 9 digit meeting ID.

Message me if you need help with any of this.