online Classes💻

Zoom live stream classes: $10/class. Purchase in quantities of your choice. Join in on the live stream schedule whenever you can.

Recordings available for all classes: $10/class (7 days access so you can do all week long). Geared to fit your schedule. Do a weekly class on your time or ask for something specific to fit your needs or mood!

Unlimited Class Pass available for $50-100/month* gives you access to all classes on the schedule in person OR on live streamed on Zoom PLUS unlimited recordings from an extensive library to do whenever, wherever and as often as you'd like, on your own schedule! Please reserve your in-person spots early. Immerse yourself in yoga! The ultimate in convenience.

*Sliding Scale Pricing means pay what you can afford or what it's worth to you. 🙏

online Schedule

Mondays 7pm - Hatha Yoga

Wednesdays 7pm - Hatha Yoga

Wednesdays 8:15 - Meditation & More (Starts Oct 19th)

Fridays 10am - Hatha Yoga

See the Calendar page for day-by day schedule.

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Please register before joining classes.

Or go to and enter Meeting ID: 527 083 9537.

What to Expect?

Zoom is easy to set up and totally accessible. No crowds, line ups, masks or risk of contagion. 😷 If you have the equipment you can hook up a big screen TV, a bluetooth speaker, or earbuds. If you have a portable device you can bring outside on nice days, #deckyoga is really delightful! 😎

What you'll Find in the Zoom Recordings Library...

  • A variety of styles speeds and options to choose from. Classes are labelled so you can choose ones that fit your needs or mood. Hundreds of hours of classes and still growing.

  • Mobility exercises to start moving gently, find more function and ease in daily life, move lymph and keep your cells nourished and youthful.

  • Alignment cues to help keep you safe, find more comfort and ease, and ensure a healthy, sustainable progression.

  • Variations and prop recommendations to get the full benefit of the poses and make them uniquely yours, despite any limitations.

  • Restorative yoga to relieve stress and anxiety, soothe your nerves, and boost your immune system.

  • Targeted core exercises to build inner power and increase stability in your spine.

  • Strong standing poses for muscle tone, strength and stamina.

  • Warm flows to get you moving, increase your heart rate, burn calories and find more ease through difficulties.

  • Slow, deep and long-held stretches to improve range of motion, flexibility, and ease out the knots of long term tension.

  • Breathwork used throughout to breathe easy, move stuck energy and feel more alive!

  • Deep rest at the end of every class -- to renew, refresh and integrate for long-lasting, sustainable change.

  • Gentle, Supported and Chair yoga classes designed specifically for those with mobility issues or who need a gentle start.

  • Meditation & More to delve deep into more advanced teachings on yogic psychology and philosophies, help settle the mind, calm the nerves and tap into your hidden potential to know the truth of bliss, within all this! Over 25 hours of progressive programming.

  • Favourites folder full of student favourites for easy access. Add your own favourites as you find them!


Zoom is free to download and use and works well on any device - computer, tablet or phone. You can see me and in live-streamed classes I can see you (if you choose). Click here for detailed Instructions.

  • Download Zoom on your computer (go to or the Zoom app on your device (install Zoom Cloud Meetings). Any phone, tablet or computer that has a webcam should work.. You will need to allow the app to access your video and microphone.
  • Test it out. You can access the classes without an account but if you do Sign In you can start your own meetings with friends and family. Try starting a new meeting by yourself to play with your camera and mic settings.
  • It's helpful to both of us if I can see you! You will need a space to place your yoga mat and your camera set up on the long side of your mat, back far enough that I can see you both standing and sitting, if possible. It's helpful to have lots of light in front of you and no light or windows behind you. If these parameters aren’t possible, just do your best. Find something you can use as props as well - blocks, pillows, books, step stool, chair, cloth belt, etc.
  • Click the meeting link above (or on the Calendar Page) at the meeting time. The app should start up automatically. Or, from the home page of the app, enter the 9 digit meeting ID.
  • You can help sound quality by connecting a bluetooth speaker or even see it on a large TV if you have the right cable.

Message me if you need help with any of this. We can meet on Zoom to make sure it's working.

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