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Prenatal Yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy - benefits and cautions.

On Vocal Toning in Prenatal Yoga

Through sound, we express and dispel negativity, still the mind, soothe the emotions, and infuse ourselves with Source energy, the infinite supply of love, joy and peace that sustains us all. Expressing intention vibrationally, we draw upon the power of primordial creativity, and sing the same song of love that birthed the universe. We are comforted by the supportive embrace of faith and are filled with unconditional love. We come to face our fears with the courage of truth in our hearts. We call to the innate goodness within us to facilitate, through ease and grace, Love’s own crowning glory: the birth of a new aspect of divinity, a new song of creation, a new face of innocence, a new child of Joy.

True Bliss Yoga,
Jan 1, 2013, 3:25 PM